Getting started

1.To get started, you need to make a new account. When you make your account, your username and password are CASE sensitive, which means If your username is UsErName and your password is PASSwoRd, you must enter it like that for you to log in. The encryption is heavy duty, meaning i cant retreive passwords.

2. After you create your account and login, you can now view your playlist page, which has your player on it, along with links to features such as editing your playlist, uploading songs, and deleting songs. Here you can also view all of your uploaded music, as well as the code that you use to embed your player on a website such as myspace. The player comes with pre-loaded music cips, which have "DEMO_" before each file name.

3.You can delete these songs by simply clicking the delete link, and then selecting the song from the dropdown box, then clicking delete. Once deleted, the slot will be empty on your playlist.

4.You need to upload your own music, which must be in mp3 format for it to work in the player. Uploading music can take a while depending on your isp's upload speed, and the size of the file; so be patient, it can take several minutes.

5.Once uploaded, you need to add the music to your playlist, by clicking the edit playlist link. The first song in the playlist is the one that starts automatically when the player is loaded. To edit a song in the playlist, click the edit button to the right of the song. You will be brought to a new screen with a artist and song title field. Enter the information, then chose the song from the dropdown box, and click the update button. Now when you view your playlist your music will play in the order you added it. Thats all for now, i may add new features in the future.