Playlist Maker, Web Design, Graphics Design, Programming, Web Proxy

-Web Design Services-

I have been creating websites since 1997.
I can write your webpages in php, asp, javascript, or basic html.


Basic webpage (Static information, No interaction or Features, basic html):
$25 per page, $50 for setup

Basic Dynamic webpage (You can post updates, and interact with users, php or asp):
$40 per page, $100 for setup

Dynamic Database Driven Website (Take and store data from users, create mailing lists,
mysql or access databases, custom programming):

Pricing for this depends on the scale of the website.
Setup Ranging from $150-$800
Database customization Ranging from $150-$500
Will negotiate pricing on custom programming jobs depending on what you want it to do.
Prices per page range from $80-$150.


-Graphics Design-

Will negotiate pricing depending on the project.



I can program in the following languages : php, asp (using vbscript or javascript), C++, VB,, SQL, and Javascript.
I have worked on, and/or wrote many programs. Some programs just for my own use, some while at a software company. (Collision estimate software). I am proficent at creating/maintaining Non-Redundant databases in either MySQL or Access.
Will negotiate pricing depending on the project.


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