Benchmarks posted by Chris on 12-23-2007 21:56


Overclocked 6800xt with ntune

Windows XP SP2 : 3451->4200

Last year i managed to get vista business, and vista business x64 for free through msdn alliance and until now, i have been running vista business for everything. I saw that service pack 3 RC was out, and that vista service pack RC1 was out. Now i know everyone says XP is better, everyone loves to hate vista; but i like vista (im a sucker for eyecandy) and the menus are much better, its also more secure than XP.

Last night i decided to run benchmarks with 3DMark05. My rig has an Athalon 6000+, 2 gigs of dual channel ram, a Biostar mobo with nforce4 chipset, and a nvidia 6800xt (im upgrading slowely).
Here are the scores.
Vista Business : 3334
Vista Business SP1 RC: 3357
Vista Business x64: 3321
XP SP2: 3451
XP SP3 RC : n/a*

I figured i would get a large peformance increase by installing x64 vista, and when vista was rating my setup, it DID give me a higher base score of 5.0, which, in x32 vista was giving me 4.8 because of my graphics card.

Ultimately, xp gave me the higher score in 3dmark, although i was seeing lower framerates in most of the tests; i was expecting a score of around 3000 based on the framerates.

I installed SP3 RC but had major problems with it. When the computer boot into windows it would goto a black screen and freeze. I tried messing with the video adapter settings in safemode to no avail.

I really wanted vista to perform equally or better than xp; granted i didnt pay for vista, but i still wanted to justify the amount of time and effort i put into it.

For now though, i think ill stick with xp, although the menus suck and im going to miss having dreamscene (sorry microsoft i know its only for ultimate) The performance increase gained by downgrading to XP is just too substantial.

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Validated posted by Chris on 07-19-2007 04:54


Re-did the css for the site, and now its validated by the w3!

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New site layout and more posted by Chris on 06-05-2007 03:30


I decided to redo the website, as well as start offering my services in the field of web design, programming, and graphics design. This website will also still be a repository for all of my other crap as well; and the playlist editor will open back up soon to those who wish to make accounts.

I also plan to start publishing my other software i wrote. For the post part I just wrote programs and scripts for my own use; but a few months ago I adopted Linux, and now i think i should start giving back to the community.

Its weird, i have a million ideas floating around in my head for future projects, usually its the opposite for me. Hmm, where to start.

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